k, newz

2010-12-29 12:11:57 by MrExploosion

minecraft server won't work any more :(
Making a new game! i'm animating
recently got a wacom inuos4 small tablet! :D


2010-11-01 15:37:30 by MrExploosion

hey NG! its been a while. I've recently purchased a game called "Minecraft". 4 words. MOST. ADDICTING. GAME. EVAR. i recently learned how to make a SMP (survival multiplayer) server. And here's my server IP:

i'm offline for the moment, but check back at this post to see when im on!

seeya there
-Mr. E

this is my account/coding

2010-04-11 13:55:09 by MrExploosion

hay! this is my account, Mr.Exploosion!! you'll see my flash games, (well, my game art, i dont program that well.) movies, and crud!

well, i need someone to code a new game i'm making the charactor sould have 2 basic attacks and should move around and pick stuff up. so if you would be good for the job, show me your work at...

my email

note: if you have yahoo or any other online email, email me at sammy_wich@yahoo.com